Williamsville Central School District

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Annual District & Board Goals

The following Board and District goals were established for the 2019-20 school year and adopted by the Board of Education on August 13, 2019.

2019-2020 BOARD OF EDUCATION Goals


  • Foster and enhance relationships while continuing to improve two-way communications with students, families, and community stakeholders.


  • Support physical, mental and emotional needs of students by providing necessary and appropriate resources for wellness programs and initiatives.


  • Provide the optimal environment for learning, creativity, and engagement by supporting the fundamental educational needs for all students.


  • Identify and implement board practices to better serve the community with responsiveness, efficiency, and effectiveness.       


  • Oversee a fiscally responsible budget that upholds the mission and values of the school community.
  • Oversee the Capital Project(s) to enhance district facilities and increase New York State aid to the Williamsville Central School District.

2019-2020 DISTRICT Goals

DISTRICT - The District will engage with numerous community stakeholders to develop and finalize a long-term strategic plan that is based on what is best for our students.


  • Support the implementation of Readers and Writers Workshop as an integral component of literacy instruction.
  • Evaluate and ascertain the possibility of enhancing and expanding instructional coaching model.
  • Continue to explore and implement additional opportunities for students with an emphasis on creativity, discovery, career and community connections, advanced, and college-level experiences.
  • Further examine and refine practices and protocols regarding homework, grading, and reporting progress.


  • Continue to expand implementation of Social Emotional Learning and Mindfulness Practices, including UPK level, to include anxiety and trauma informed care. (Suicide prevention efforts, promoting self-efficacy, resiliency and the development of positive decision-making skills.)
  • Continue to address social emotional, mental health and wellness efforts through effective programming supports. (Using Search Institute survey results; targeted interventions; required parent program; work closely with ECCPASA to address increasing prevalence of vaping among youth)
  • Continue to enhance health services and best practices K-12 interventions.
  • Review security audits and implement procedures as needed.
  • Continue to monitor district programming/classes to ensure they are the most effective and efficient with increased integration. (Review supports and services to ensure they meet the needs of all learners with disabilities.)


  • Analyze information obtained from teachers, administrators, and parents to arrive at a recommendation that will plan for the future direction for the District’s 1:1 mobile device program.
  • Initiate an independent review of the Instructional Technology department’s organizational structure that will result in District recommendations as to how various staffing models will support the delivery of instructional technology to our curriculum programs.


  • Review and revise the process for hiring and evaluating annual coaching positions.
  • Implement procedures for the Non - Williamsville Personnel Engagement process.
  • Review and develop procedures for the annual electronic acknowledgement of specific policies.
  • Research methods and costs to evaluate the possibility of converting records in the HR Department to electronic/digital format.
  • Review and update Evaluation forms for Classified and Confidential employees.


  • Coordinate activities with the architect, construction manager and district employees that allows the District to successfully begin construction activities for the 2018 Music Improvement capital project.
  • Finalize plans that will enhance the security of school entrances, add school building security cameras, and the enhancement of school building safety through a new District-wide Security capital project. 
  • Monitor school’s money collection requests to parents/students throughout the 2019-20 school year so that they are in compliance with the Williamsville Central School District’s new procedures.