Williamsville Central School District

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Williamsville Central School District 
School Budget Vote - School Board Member Election
2022 Board of Education Candidate Information (available February 2022)
Absentee Ballot Information
Any questions please contact Lynn Carey, District Clerk, LCarey@williamsvillek12.org 716.626.8092

Policy 1110 School District and Board of Education Legal Status and Authority
Policy 1120 Board of Education Members: Qualifications, Numbers, and Terms of Office
Policy 1210 Board of Education Members: Nomination and Election 
Policy 1220 Reporting of Expenditures and Contributions

May 17, 2022 Timeline 

March 30-April 2

1. Deadline for publication of the first of four required legal notices prior to the budget vote.

April 18
(30 days prior to vote)

1. Deadline for candidates to file nomination.

April 18
(30 days before vote)

2. First Expense Statement must be submitted to the District Clerk on or before the thirtieth day preceding the election to which it relates, for all expenditures and contributions totaling more than $500 (Education Law Section 1529).

April 25

The District must transmit "property tax report card" to SED by the end of the next business day following its approval by the school board, but no later than the 24th day before the budget vote.

April 26-May 3

The District must complete budget 7 days before public hearing.

May 3-May 10

The Board must hold a public hearing on the budget (7-14 days before vote).

May 3-May 17

Copies of the budget must be available to the residents upon request (during the 14 days before the vote and on day of vote). The budget will be posted to the district website.

May 11

Deadline for mailing "budget notice" (6 days before vote).

May 12

Second Expense Statement must be submitted to the District Clerk. (Five days preceding election)

May 17 

Budget Vote and Board Member Election
North High School Gymnasium 7:00 AM until 9:00 PM
1595 Hopkins Road, Williamsville, NY 14221
(Our District will adhere to Erie County Department of Health protocols and New York State guidance at the time of the Vote)

June 6

Final Expense Statement must be submitted to the District Clerk. (Twenty days after the election)