Williamsville Central School District

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Board Candidate Information


Annual District vote to be held June 9, 2020.  Absentee ballots are due to the District Clerk, Lynn Carey, by 5 p.m. on June 9, 2020.

This year, eight candidates are vying for three seats on the Williamsville Board of Education, including two incumbents.  The highest three vote recipients on June 9, 2020, will each be elected for a term of three years beginning July 1, 2020, and concluding July 1, 2023.   Candidates provided information to the District Clerk about why they were seeking re-election/election to the school board.   

These are the candidates and the order in which they appear on the ballot:

1A – Michael C. Buscaglia
2A – Matthew Clabeaux, Esq.
3A – Crystal Kaczmarek-Bogner
4A – Dr. Susan D. McClary (incumbent)
5A – Philip S. Meyer, Esq./MBA (incumbent)
6A - Ronald S. Shubert, Esq.

7A - Swaroop Singh, PhD/MBA
8A – Jason Sinsabaugh

On Thursday, May 28, 2020, the PTSA Council hosted a virtual 'Meet the Candidates Night' through a Zoom Webinar featuring the eight candidates on the ballot.  You can watch the video and learn more about the candidates below.

1A – Michael C. Buscaglia
Years Resident in the Williamsville School District – 33
Other Boards Served On: 

                Cheektowaga Central Teachers Association Union Executive Board

Reason for seeking election: 
I am running because I am highly qualified to be a member of the school board and to assure that students and teachers are always put first. I will strive to enhance relationships and communication between the community and district. I support policies that provide the greatest environment for learning and teaching. My goal is to develop a progressive agenda to help the school district move forward in a rapidly changing environment, never experienced before.

2A – Matthew Clabeaux, Esq.
Years Resident in the Williamsville School District – 8
Other Boards Served On:
               Amherst Conservation Advisory Council

               Erie County Environmental Management Council

Reason for seeking election:
I am certified in NY to teach Art k-12 and Social Studies; am admitted to the practice of law and recently took mediation training. I love learning, public policy, our environment, and want to see safe, healthy inclusive schools for our children.  As a former educator, current business owner, trained mediator, parent and environmental advocate, I will bring a range of understanding and insight to the board that will benefit our children and our community.

3A – Crystal Kaczmarek-Bogner
Years Resident in the Williamsville School District – 5
Other Boards Served On: 

               Williamsville Special Education PTSA Executive Board (2017-Present)
               Current Committees: WCSD Strategic Planning Team/Wellness, Community & Sustainability Task Force; WCSD Curriculum Council; WCSD Shared Decision-Making Team; Williamsville South Shared Decision-Making Team; PTSA Council Service to Youth Committee
               Previous Committee: University at Buffalo Professional Staff Senate Inclusion & Diversity Committee

Reason for seeking election:
As an established parent-leader and advocate for students, I intend to help our district grow its excellent reputation, receive fair state funding, and nurture global citizens ready to thrive in our ever-changing society. Additionally, I want to facilitate improved communication and transparency, in part by encouraging two-way dialogue with diverse constituents. Finally, I aspire to enhance mental health supports, adopt evidence-based policies and practices whenever possible, and champion an environmental sustainability capital improvement project.

4A – Dr. Susan D. McClary (incumbent)
Years Resident in the Williamsville School District – 19
Other Boards Served On: 

               Amherst Task Force for Healthy Community and Healthy Youth
               Amherst Youth Board
               Erie County Association School Boards – ECASB, Executive Committee

Reason for seeking election:
As a current WCSD Board member, I would like the opportunity to continue working on projects and initiatives already begun. These include strategic planning, budgeting considerations and school security. Maintaining our high learning standards is also a priority for me.

5A – Philip S. Meyer, Esq./MBA (incumbent)
Years Resident in the Williamsville School District – 10+ 
Other Boards Served On: 
              Amherst Industrial Development Agency – Board Member
              Town of Amherst Open Government Advisory Board – Chairman
              North Buffalo Organization – Former Board Member

Reason for seeking election:
I am running for reelection because I enjoy serving my community and believe that I have more to contribute to the Williamsville Central School District. I have been privileged the past three years to have the trust of Williamsville stakeholders to serve their collective interests on the Williamsville School Board. I treat that trust with great care and aim to strengthen it through board actions and policies which are grounded in transparency, open government, accountability, engagement and responsiveness.

6A – Ronald S. Shubert, Esq.
Years Resident in the Williamsville School District – 55
Other Boards Served On:
               Williamsville Central School District PTSA Council, past President – 2 terms and current member of the Executive Board.

                Williamsville Strategic Planning Core Team/Wellness, community and sustainability task force member.
                Town of Amherst, Open Government Committee - member.
                Town of Amherst Zoning Board of Appeals - member.
                Williamsville Education Foundation - member.

Reason for seeking election:
I am seeking re-election to the School Board, after taking three years off from the Board, due to my keen interest in assuring the children of our District a quality education second to none. I have lived in the District for 55 years having attended both Mill Middle and Williamsville South High schools. I was elected to the School Board in 1999 and have served as Vice-President for two terms and President for three terms.

7A – Swaroop Singh, PhD/MBA
Years Resident in the Williamsville School District – 9
Other Boards Served On:
              Town of Amherst Youth and Recreation Board

 Reason for seeking election:
As a parent and a community member, I want to ensure that our kids have a stress free and safe learning environment. To that end, I will advocate for - Additional resources for mental health for our children; Technological resources needed for a more integrated and stress free learning in our short and long-term strategic plans. With my professional, volunteering experience and a diverse background, I will bring a unique perspective to our school board.

8A – Jason Sinsabaugh
Years Resident in the Williamsville School District – 5
Other Boards Served On:
               Treasurer – Heim Elementary PTA, 2019-2020 school year.

Reason for seeking election:
As a father of two children in the district and someone with a strong background in technology, I feel I can bring a unique set of skills, experience, and perspective to the board that it currently lacks: especially during these challenging times. I am passionate for my kids, my community and education. I am a problem solver and want to help build solutions not only for our problems today but those of tomorrow and beyond.

June 9, 2020 Timeline 
School Budget Vote and
Williamsville School Board Member Election

May 11
(30 days prior to vote)

1. Deadline for candidates to file nomination.

May 11
(30 days before vote)

2. First Expense Statement must be submitted to the District Clerk on or before the thirtieth day preceeding the election to which it relates, for all expenditures and contributions totalling more than $500 (Education Law Section 1529).

May 12
(28 days before vote)

1. Deadline for publication of the first of two required legal notices prior to the budget vote. 

2. The District must determine the names of all candidates duly nominated and the propositions and referenda to be voted for on the ballot three days prior to the distribution of military ballots, which must occur 25 days prior to the vote.

May 15
(25 days prior to vote)

The District must transmit military ballots by May 15th.

May 21

Deadline for the school board to adopt the budget prior to property tax report card filing.

May 22
(18 days prior to vote)

The District must transmit "property tax report card" to SED by the end of the next business day following its approval by the school board, but not later than May 22, 2020.

May 26 - June 9
(14 days before vote)

Copies of the budget must be available to the residents upon request. The budget and attachment are required to be posted to the district website. 

June 3
(6 days before vote)

Deadline for mailing "budget notice".

June 4

Second Expense Statement must be submitted to the District Clerk. (Five days preceding election)

June 9 

Budget Vote and Board Member Election
(remotely - by absentee ballot)

June 29

Final Expense Statement must be submitted to the District Clerk. (Twenty days after the election)