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Virtual Backpack

In an effort to expand communication between home and school, Williamsville Central Schools has created a Virtual Backpack. This  "green" procedure increases the efficiency of flyer distribution; saves money for the local organizations; saves time for district personnel; and is environmentally friendly.

The District often receives requests from local nonprofit organizations and intergovernmental agencies to distribute informational materials to students. The Virtual Backpack allows our schools to communicate this information to parents and guardians without the need to send paperwork home with students.

All requests from outside organizations must receive prior approval from the Office of Student Services. Requests for distribution and a pdf of the flyer must be submitted for consideration at least two weeks prior to the desired posting date. If you would like to submit a flyer, please email it to Dr. Rosa D'Abate at rd'abate@williamsvillek12.org or call (716)626-8007 .  

Postings to the Virtual Backpack are organized by school, month, and category. All documents posted within the school year will remain accessible throughout the year, which means no more searching through your child's backpack looking for a lost flyer! Schools will no longer send these materials home with students unless the parent/guardian requests a paper copy.

To check out notices posted to a school's Virtual Backpack, simply click below!



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