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Athletic Improvement Project

New athletic fields at North open with fanfare, homecoming win!North Fields Ribbon Cutting

September 16, 2016 - The new Williamsville North Athletic fields were opened officially Sept. 16 before an enthusiastic homecoming crowd. Members of the North Student Council and Board of Education, past and present, joined Superintendent Scott Martzloff and Principal Gary Collichio in the ribbon-cutting ceremony preceding the football game. 

Mr. Collichio then served as master of ceremonies for a brief program on centerfield that included a performance by the Williamsville North Band and a short video shown on the new scoreboard.  In his remarks, Dr. Martzloff thanked the community for its support. "Together, we have built one of the most beautiful and certainly one of the largest, if not the largest, youth sport complexes in New York State," he said. He also thanked the many people involved, including members of the Athletic Field Improvement Work Group, Board of Education, school and district personnel, and contractors who saw the project through from concept to completion. Board president Toni Vazquez cited the leadership, collaboration, foresight and planning that went into making the new athletic fields a realty. "We are embarking on a new era in Williamsville beginning right here at North," she said.

New York State Assemblyman Ray Walters presented a certificate of recognition to the district on behalf of the state assembly.  Christopher Mucica, instructional specialist for PE, health and athletics, offered brief remarks and members of the North Girls Chorus sang the national anthem.

Williamsville North defeated Niagara Wheatfield 28-21 in its debut of the new fields, with over 4,100 people in attendance. 

2015 Capital Project: Athletic Field Improvements


January 12, 2016 -  Before a standing-room only crowd, the Williamsville Board of Education awarded a bid for the athletic field project with a synthetic EPDM infill. Construction on the field at North High School is expected to begin this spring. "We look forward to getting started, providing opportunities for our student athletes, our students who are taking physical education classes and all of our community sports groups," said Superintendent Scott Martzloff.

In an extended public expression period, 13 residents called on the board to move forward with the project as approved by 62 percent of voters in May. Many of the speakers, who included parents, coaches, and a student, expressed confidence in the safety of the material and downplayed purported health risks associated with crumb rubber, which is made of recycled tires. EPDM is a non-recycled synthetic rubber compound, also known as 'virgin rubber.'  Two parents urged the board to consider an alternative all-natural infill product citing their concerns about children playing on synthetic rubber surfaces.

The board voted 5-2 in favor of EPDM, with Toni Vasquez and Mark Mecca voting against. Members Carrie Kahn and Dr. Mohan Devgun were absent from the meeting. The decision to use EPDM will add about $100,000 per field to the project.

December 15, 2015 - Board of Education hosts public forum on safety of artificial turf fields with a Q/A session. District physician Dr. Jason Matuszak answered questions from the audience and board members, referencing the current medical research. The video of the forum is available online by clicking HERE (about one-hour in length).

May 19, 2015 - Voters approve both Athletic Field Improvement Propositions:

#3 – Athletic Field Improvement Proposition:
YES: 3,807
NO: 2,302
Passed by 62%

#4 – Athletic Field Enhancement Proposition:
YES: 3,233
NO: 2,880
Passed by 53%

May 5, 2015

April 14, 2015 - Board of Education Meeting:

Board approves athletic field propositions for May 19 ballot
March 10, 2015 - At its meeting March 10, the Williamsville Board of Education approved three propositions that will be on the May 19 ballot for district voters to decide.  Two of the propositions address athletic field improvements at Williamsville's three high schools.

The first athletic prop entails converting natural grass playing fields to synthetic turf with no increase in taxes due to financing that uses the district's long-time level debt service plan, voter-approved capital reserve funds, and state building aid. A community committee helped define the plans at each school which will benefit thousands of student athletes in years to come. Benefits to the community include public access for local sporting groups and support for the local economy from bringing in visitors for interscholastic and amateur sporting events.

A second athletic proposition, estimated at $4.6 million, would add outdoor restrooms at all three athletic complexes, as well as concessions and lights at East and North high schools. If approved, this proposition would result in a slight tax increase for residents estimated to be $9.60 annually for a home assessed at $200,000.

The district has produced a short video featuring student athletes and coaches to help explain why voters are being asked to consider an extensive plan to improve the athletic fields at Williamsville's three high schools.  The video is available for viewing by clicking on the box, above.

School Board Supports Project
At its meeting December 9, the Williamsville Board of Education voted unanimously to support the draft capital improvement plan, as presented. Formal Board approval of the final plan is expected in March and then the project will go before voters on May 19th as part of the Annual District Vote.

Athletic Improvement Project Presentations:

Athletic Improvement Committee Meeting Minutes:

Resources and Information:



November 2014 (North and South)



Community members learn about athletic improvement plan
February 5, 2015 - Community members representing youth athletic organizations, as well as parents and coaches, attended a presentation on the school district's plan for athletic field improvements at each of Williamsville's three high schools. About 50 people were on hand to learn details about the expansive plan to convert many of the district's fields to artificial turf.

Superintendent Scott Martzloff outlined the plans for each school and explained the components of the two athletic improvement propositions that will be presented to voters in May.  The first athletic proposition totaling an estimated $22.4 million entails the field conversion from natural grass to synthetic turf.  State aid, district reserve funds and a level debt service plan would pay for the project with no impact on local taxes.

The second athletic proposition, estimated at $4.6 million, would add restrooms at all three high school athletic complexes, as well as concessions and lights at East and North high schools. If approved, this proposition would result in a slight tax increase estimated to be $9.60 a year for a home assessed at $200,000.

Dr. Martzloff stressed the importance of public input in developing the athletic field improvement plan, describing it as a 'game changer' that will be a resource for healthy lifestyles in our community

Dr. Martzloff explains the proposed athletic field improvement project at a community meeting on Feb. 5.

2014-15 Athletic Field Study Work Group




Mark Difilippo

Athletic Director

Chris Durr

Coach (Soccer; Softball)

Patrick Greeley                  

Transit Middle/East High Parent (Baseball)

Ed Greenway

Coach (Lacrosse; Football)

Jeff Librock


James LoVallo


Mary-Diana Pouli

Town of Amherst Youth Board

Renee  Skibitsky

Parent (Field Hockey; Lacrosse; Soccer)

Scott Taylor


Denise  Williams

Parent (Field Hockey, Girls and Boys Lacrosse, Football, Boys Soccer, Boys and Girls Basketball)


Rick Bubar

Coach (Softball)

Jocelyn Canady

Coach (Lacrosse; Volleyball)

Gary Collichio

Assistant Principal

Steve Ferenczy

Athletic Director

Jeff Katz

Williamsville Education Foundation President

John Kugler

Acting Assistant Principal

Denise LaMastra

Parent (Soccer)

Tina Neureuter


Colleen O'Connor

Casey Middle School Parent (Soccer)

Dan Quinlan      

Parent (Field Hockey; Lacrosse)

Dr. Donald Reed

Casey Middle School Parent (Field Hockey)


Keith Boardman


Derrick Castronova

Parent (Football; Baseball)

Mary Ferenczy 

Coach (Field Hockey; Lacrosse)

Kraig Kurzanski

Coach (Football; Baseball)

Kevin Lester

Athletic Director

Trey Measer     

Community Member

Jim Montgomery  

Mill Middle School Parent (Lacrosse; Football)

Paul Stasiak

Parent/Community Member (Football; Baseball)

Peter Sugg

Coach (Soccer)

Bob White

Community Member


Laurie Coccionitti 

Secretary to the Superintendent

Scott Martzloff


Tom Maturski   

Assistant Superintendent for Finance & Management Services

Chris Mucica

Instructional Specialist - Physical Education, Health & Athletics

Rita Wolff

Director of Communications


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