Williamsville Central School District

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Gifted Programming Services

The goals of the Williamsville gifted programming services are to search and recognize talent and strengths in all children. Gifted programming seeks to recognize those children who demonstrate strengths, talents and sustained interests that are expressed at a high level and provide appropriate program options for students to develop and apply their talents and skills.

Giftedness is represented through achievement and creative productivity over a sustained period of time in a domain that matters to the child.  This conception of giftedness includes characteristics or traits that can be nurtured or enhanced through appropriate instruction and experiences.  Talent denotes the increasingly specialized aptitudes or abilities that develop in youth as a function of general intelligence and experiences at home, school, and the community.  Talent grows as students develop specific skills, interests and motivations.  When talent and expertise unite with creative abilities, the achievement and productivity that mark giftedness becomes evident.

A gifted programming plan outlining the full range of opportunities for students is available in every building.  Williamsville's gifted and talented program has been distinguished as a national model and the District's faculty has received national recognition as leaders in the field.