Williamsville Central School District

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Repair Reserve - 2021

In March of 2021, the Williamsville Board of Education unanimously approved spending from the District's Repair Reserve Fund to perform needed maintenance work on school facilities and grounds as outlined below.  The cost for the work will not exceed $800,000. The majority of the work would take place during the summer. The Repair Reserve Fund was established with voter approval in 2001 to make necessary repairs to District buildings each year in order to extend the useful life of facilities.

The District utilizes an architect to review repair reserve items and to create work specifications for bid purposes. The architect reviews the work when it is completed and verifies that it meets required specifications. 

District Office

Second phase of three-year carpet replacement program at the District office. Includes moving expenses to allow for installation of carpet. Current carpet is now twenty years old.

Casey Middle

Replace and reconstruct sections of sidewalk and curbs that have deteriorated and crumbled creating gaps in the sidewalk and curbing.  The gym floor will also be refinished.

Mill Middle

Repair external brick masonry on pool walls.

North High

Chimney masonry.

South High

Replace sections of the auditorium carpet and repair the heating system condensation tank.