Williamsville Central School District

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Repair Reserve Work

March 7, 2017 - The Board approved the expenditure of funds up to $85,000 from the district's repair reserve account to perform necessary maintenance work on the schools and school grounds, as outlined in the chart below. Most of the work will take place during the summer. The repair reserve was established through voter approval in 2001 to fund specific building repairs and site improvements across the district.


  • Replacement of and caulking/weatherproofing of school building joints
  • Building masonry repair with brick re-pointing
  • Asphalt sealing and relining of parking lots
  • Athletic field fertilizer and seed
  • Purchase of wood, counters, sinks, and other plumbing and hardware supplies needed to refurbish elementary classroom cabinetry sinks.

South High

  • Upgrade and repair the existing lighting dimming rack in the auditorium
  • Remove Dectron pool unit
  • Add air handler for fitness room

ALL Elementary Schools

  • Mount fans for cooling purposes in all cafeterias; add electric outlets in fan mounting locations

Heim Elementary

  • Repair driveway drain

Maple East Elementary

  • Refinish gym floor

Maple West Elementary

  • Replace main office carpet/flooring

Heim Middle

  • Replace carpet in library

Mill Middle

  • Add sidewalk for student use along alternate exit
  • Repair driveway storm sewer
  • Purchase removable parking lot/drop-off lane guidance modules

Transit Middle

  • Replace external doors at bus loop

East High

  • Replace carpet in music rooms with carpet squares

North High

  • Add vehicle guide rail between parking lot and Dodge Road exit

District Office

  • Replace carpet in conference rooms with carpet squares
  • Repair air handler that services the Instruction Department