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Mentor Teacher Program

The Mentor Teacher Program is designed to guide teachers through their novice year in Williamsville.  The mentoring process provides a framework for each new teacher to feel comfortable and confident to fully develop potential in the classroom.

The process to effectively refine lessons and apply new strategies includes continuous reflection on professional practice.  Reflection is enhanced when approached as a shared dialogue among colleagues.

The Mentor Teacher Program provides the opportunity for new teachers to meet weekly with a mentor to engage in reflective dialogue.  The Mentor Program adopted a coach-confidant model of mentoring to promote questioning, dialogue and collaboration between an experienced educator and a novice.  The mentor-new teacher pairing is a non-evaluative relationship to examine:

  • Knowledge of the reflection process
  • Knowledge of learners and learning
  • Knowledge of content
  • Knowledge of instructional strategies as well as,
  • Knowledge of self and professional responsibility as contributor to
  • learning community
all of which impact student learning and achievement in assigned content area.

Mentoring Supports Effective Teaching

Williamsville Mentor Teacher Program is based on research that demonstrates that effective classroom teachers have a significant impact on student achievement.

  • Effective teachers know how to motivate students with relevant lessons that are differentiated to engage all learners.
  • Effective teachers consistently assess student needs, plan and implement lessons to meet learning goals and create opportunities for measurable results.
  • Effective teachers utilize a wide variety of strategies and technology integration to make connections while offering students specific feedback for growth.
  • Effective teachers create a nurturing learning environment to open thinking and promote discussion.
All are specifically encouraged, addressed, practiced and refined through the mentoring year to promote efficacy in the classroom.

Student success is our highest priority!

Mentor - New Teacher Pairing

The mentor will approach the reflective dialogue and mentoring process as a resource to offer support, challenge and vision for the new teacher.   The process is cyclical and the mentor will strive to move away from an emphasis on support toward challenge and professional vision.   By balancing support with challenge and vision, the mentor creates a growth environment and fosters independence.

The new teacher in Williamsville Schools is expected to have already achieved a high level of discipline and excellence, which will naturally enhance the mentoring experience. The mentor will respect the new teacher’s contribution by regularly moving from a consultant approach, toward collaboration and coaching.  Increased emphasis on coaching and collaboration by the mentor will result in greater long-term gains for the new teacher.

New Teacher Responsibilities

Responsibilities for the new teacher in the one-year Mentor Program include:

  • Weekly one-hour sessions with mentor
  • Two full days to make observations
  • Three full-day training sessions with all mentor pairs in district
  • Actively participate in mentor relationship and feedback
We are thrilled to report a program of excellence!

Contact Information
Linda Ruest, Instructional Specialist for Professional Development

It is the supreme art of the mentor to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.    ~ Albert Einstein

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