Williamsville Central School District

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Health Services for Students

The Williamsville Central School District maintains medical services offices in each of its schools, staffed with fully qualified, professionally licensed registered nurses on duty throughout every regular school day. Students remaining for after-school activities such as sports are under the supervision of an adult. Professional registered nurses are not on duty after school hours but all members of the coaching staff are trained in first aid according to State guidelines.

In addition, the District retains the services of a physician to provide consultation for the administration and nursing staff. A nurse practitioner is available to administer physical examinations of students with parental permission.

Whenever an emergency may arise, either during or after school hours, every effort is made to notify parents or their emergency contacts. In extreme emergencies and when parents or their designates are unreachable, the student's health and safety may necessitate transportation of a student by ambulance to a hospital. In those rare cases when the parent is unavailable, a staff member will accompany the student until the parent can be with their child.

The District expects every family to keep the school informed of emergency phone numbers that are up to date and accurate at all times.  Accordingly, an emergency card must be completed annually for a student to be admitted to school.