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Family & Consumer Sciences

Family and Consumer Sciences education empowers individuals and families across the life span to manage the challenges of living and working in a diverse global society. The unique focus is on families, work, and their interrelationships.

Family and Consumer Sciences education has roots in both academic and career/technical education and reaches beyond the educational system into the community as it focuses on the needs of individuals and families.

Middle level Family and Consumer Sciences education is delivered through the state-mandated course, Home and Career Skills.

Home and Career Skills is a course designed to help middle level students live in a society of constant change and to improve their quality of life by preparing them to meet their present and future responsibilities as family member and community members, consumers, home managers, and wage earners. The goal is to educate early adolescents to think constructively, make sound decisions, solve problems, and manage resources.

Home and Career Skills is organized around four process skills: communication, leadership, management, and thinking. These process skills are taught through ten content topics: community connections, career development, clothing management, consumer resource management, family/parenting, financial management, human development, interpersonal relationships, nutrition and wellness, personal environment management. Home and Career Skills process skills and content topics align with the National Learning Standards for Family and Consumer Sciences. In order for the full curriculum to be delivered learning experiences must be designed to dovetail process skills with content topics.
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The Home and Career Skills course is to be taught using a hands-on experiential approach. Learning occurs in the context of real-life situations and repeated practice is encouraged. It is recommended that the course be delivered in a laboratory setting and involve a minimum of 75% hands-on instruction. The use of real-life relevant tasks, laboratories, simulations, and community involvement is an integral part of the course as is the use of research, class discussions, and group activities. Students are expected to be actively involved in learning in a participatory, supportive environment and to have the opportunity to practice and to develop the process skills as related to the content topics.

~New York State Education Department
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Each year, December 3rd is National "Dine In" Day! It is a day to reflect on and commit to eating at home to promote healthy families.

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What is FACS (Family & Consumer Sciences)? Check out this video created by the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences:

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The Home and Career Skills course in middle school is the foundational program that sets students up with life skills and paths in Career & Technical Education:

For more information regarding Family & Consumer Sciences instruction in Williamsville, please contact:

Michael Russo
Instructional Specialist for The Arts, Business & Marketing, and Family & Consumer Sciences
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