Williamsville Central School District

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Middle School Math

In order to assist schools and districts with the implementation of the Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS), the New York State Education Department has provided curricular materials called math modules, which are available on www.engageny.org.

These math modules are marked by in-depth focus on fewer topics. They integrate the CCLS, rigorous classroom reasoning, extended classroom time devoted to practice and reflection through extensive problem sets, and high expectations for mastery.

Curriculum modules include:

  • Year-long scope and sequence documents
  • Module framing/overview documents
  • Performance tasks
  • Lesson plans
  • Lesson plan supporting materials (class work, homework, etc.)
To view the math modules, select a grade level below:


Nominated* students should rank in the upper 1% of their national peer group. (*Nominations take place in sixth grade.) This means that students should be more than "best in class" or "above average in math."  Interested nominees compete for sixty (60) places in the first year of the program (i.e., seventh grade).  They are evaluated on the basis of a three-hour battery of tests, a completed questionnaire that includes two essays, and a family conference.  Students who successfully gain admission commute to the university twice weekly through each academic year for two 75-minute class sessions each day.  They study an enriched and accelerated program of school mathematics in grades 7 through 10, and university courses including three semesters of calculus and linear algebra in grades 11 and 12, accumulating up to 22 semester hours of university credit.  The University coursework replaces the home school mathematics curricula and UB's Gifted Math Program (GMP) grades are sent to the schools for student report cards.

For more information, please visit: http://giftedmath.buffalo.edu/