Williamsville Central School District

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Grades 5-8 Physical Education

All middle school students in the Williamsville Central School District receive a comprehensive physical education program taught by a certified physical education staff.

The middle school physical education program designs learning and activity experiences based on the unique needs of the middle school student, including physical, social and emotional age appropriate needs.

 All activities in the middle school physical education program are categorized in eight major categories.  These categories are target sports, team passing sports, dance and rhythms, net and wall sports, outdoor activities, fitness activities, personal performance and striking and fielding sports.

 In addition a major focus of the middle school physical education program is the teaching and understanding of health related concepts.  Extensive fitness testing is completed not only to assess fitness but to have students learn what they need to know to promote fitness in their lives.

 A very extensive intramural and extramural program is available for middle school students.  Intramural and extramurals are built on activities presented during physical education class.  The extramural program involves competition among the four Williamsville middle schools in cross country, volleyball, basketball, swimming and track and field.