Williamsville Central School District

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Overview of Science

The Williamsville Central School District’s Science Curriculum has its foundation in the National Science Education Standards and in the New York State Learning Standards for Science. These new standards are based on the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) with the clear understanding that a robust science education will pave the way for increased opportunities in college, as well as in future careers.

These new science standards enable teachers to offer all students interactive instruction that promotes analysis and interpretation of data, critical thinking, problem solving, and connections across science disciplines— with a high set of expectations for achievement in all grades.

Dr. Robert Fetter, Director of Science

Gr. K-4

Gr. 5-8

Gr. 9-12

Students in grades K-4 increase and advance their knowledge of Science-related concepts and skills through active participation in group work and phenomenon-based inquiry projects.

In middle school, students will continue to develop a greater capacity for connecting knowledge across, and between, the physical sciences, life sciences, earth and space sciences, and engineering design.

During grades 5–8, students begin to form deeper connections between concepts previously learned in grades K–4, such as collecting evidence and drawing conclusions, understanding relationships between objects, and critical thinking that leads to designing effective solutions for problems.

Science at the Commencement Level (9 - 12) is centered around engagement in the major themes from the New York State Science Core Curricula and the application of the science and engineering practices learned in grades k-8.  In each course, students will study the content in-depth.  These courses end with the administration of the appropriate Regents exam:

  • Earth Science
  • Living Environment
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

 Non-Regents science classes are also offered, such as Environmental Science, General Chemistry, General Physics, and Forensic Science.