Williamsville Central School District

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Early Elementary (Grades 1-2) Programs

The Great Space Treasure Hunt
Length: 40 Minutes

Great Space Treasure HuntOn a planet far, far away, we find our alien friend Bleamer fast asleep. When he finally wakes up, he shows us a special treasure map. After making sure we have everything we need to travel in space — spaceship, air, food, water and plenty of band-aids — we countdown and blast-off! The map leads us to the Milky Way Galaxy where we journey past constellations, nebulae and a rather lonely Queen Cassiopeia who tells her story. After exploring the Sun, planets and some moons of the solar system, we discover our blue and white "treasure." Before Bleamer heads back to Snoozling, he realizes that much of what we've seen on our treasure hunt is right there in Earth's night sky.

The participatory-style script encourages children to answer Bleamer’s questions throughout the show as well as clap and sing along during the two songs "The Great Space Treasure Hunt" and "The Earth Song."
The Halloween Show
Length: 40 Minutes

Halloween ShowJoin Holly, a student witch, and Jack, a pumpkin comedian, as they explore Halloween history and traditions, the fall and winter constellations and the phases of the Moon. Everyone participates by helping Holly and singing along.
The Moon
Length: approx 45 Minutes

AVI The MoonThe Moon is a live and interactive program designed for early elementary (K-2) learners. It is designed to teach children that the moon has properties, location, and movements that can be observed and described. These movements occur in patterns. The moon moves across the sky on a daily basis much like the sun. The observable shape of the moon changes from day to day in a cycle that lasts about a month. Students learn that we can observe craters, maria, mountains and the changing shapes of the moon.


The Weather
Length: approx 45 Minutes

AVI The WeatherThe Weather is an interactive modular planetarium program covering the national science standards for weather – grades K-2.

Module One: Using the Senses to Observe Weather and Identifying Cloud Types – Module one will help connect children to the weather around them by encouraging them to use their senses to observe weather. It will also introduce children to the basic cloud types and how they are associated with specific weather conditions. The idea of weather forecasting will be presented in this module as well.

Module Two: Describing and Measuring the Weather – This module will introduce children to the basic weather terms that are used to describe weather conditions. It will also help children identify the appropriate instruments that are used for studying and measuring weather. Module Three: Identifying the Basic Features of the Water Cycle – The final module will present the major steps of the water cycle. To help with this concept, children will follow a drop of water through the entire water cycle.

Larry Cat in Space
Length: 40 Minutes

Larrycat"Larry Cat In Space" is a playful and imaginative presentation about a inquisitive cat who takes a trip to the Moon. Through Larry’s eyes, we meet his human family, a group of enthusiastic sky-watchers. One of his family members is Diana, who goes to work on the Moon as a lunar geologist. Larry misses Diana, so he figures out a way to get to the Moon and live with her. He smuggles himself on board the space plane, which takes him to space station Freedom. From there, he is taken aboard the Lunar Shuttle, and he eventually ends up on the Moon, surprising Diana, meeting the rest of the Moon base inhabitants, and learning about life in the Moon’s environment.

Our Place in Space
Length: 35 Minutes

Our Place in SpaceExplore the cause of day and night, the importance of our star the sun, the beauty of the constellations, and the variety of objects that make up the universe when a host of endangered animals solve a crossword puzzle and discover that the planetarium is a fun place to learn about space.  Here is a copy of the crossword puzzle!
Secret of the Cardboard Rocket
Length: 40 minutes

Secret of the Carboad RocketCome on an adventure as two children learn about the solar system when they spend the night exploring with their astronomy book by their sides!
Stars and Native American Stories
Length: Approx. 35 Minutes

SANASThis program is a retelling of several Native American folklore tales. Several short stories about the sky, the world, day and night, seasons and other topics are accompanied by art and illustrations in the planetarium sky. This classic program has been re-mastered and revised.