Williamsville Central School District

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School Groups

Who can visit?

Programming is available to any and all interested school groups, whether or not they are within the WCSD.  There is a flat fee of $55 per show, regardless of how many of the 75 seats you fill.  This fee is waived for non-profit parochial and private schools within the WCSD.

Minimum group size is 20 students and teachers.

Scheduling A Visit

To schedule a visit to the Space Lab Planetarium, look through the pages of this website and decide which program meets your needs. Next, contact our office at 626-8523 and request a date and time for the program you desire. You will also need to complete any forms required by your building principal and transportation department.

Groups that are not part of Williamsville Central School District must forward a Certificate of Liability Insurance to the Space Lab Planetarium prior to the visit.

PLEASE NOTE:  Visits to the Space Lab Planetarium are often tightly scheduled.  If you know that your group will be more than 15 minutes late for any reason, please call the Space Lab Planetarium to determine if it is still possible to attend.  If it is not possible, we will re-schedule your visit.

In the event you are not able to contact the Space Lab Planetarium, please understand that it may not be possible to seat your group for your visit because of the impact on the schedule for other classes, schools or groups.Need more information?  Contact the Planetarium Director:

How to Find the Planetarium