Williamsville Central School District

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The Halloween Show
Length: 40 Minutes

Halloween ShowJoin Holly, a student witch, and Jack, a pumpkin comedian, as they explore Halloween history and traditions, the fall and winter constellations and the phases of the Moon. Everyone participates by helping Holly with her spells and singing along.

Our Sky Family
Length: 40 Minutes

Our Sky FamilyStudents can meet each of the planets in our solar system in this exciting program. We begin by waking up the robot, which shows us how we can make the stars appear. He then leads us to meet the planets. Each planet tells the students some characteristics and facts. We also have a chance to see where the planets can be found in the real night sky.

Space Shapes
Length: 9 Minutes

Space ShapesA show for early learners about shapes in space.

Stars and Native American Stories
Length: Approx. 35 Minutes

SANASThis program is a retelling of several Native American folklore tales. Several short stories about the sky, the world, day and night, seasons and other topics are accompanied by art and illustrations in the planetarium sky. This classic program has been re-mastered and revised.

Wilbear's Adventure
Length: 35 Minutes

WilBearWilbear’s Adventure is a new planetarium show for children. The story is about a young teddy bear who wants to fly. Follow WilBear’s discovery of flight in this delightful adventure. Wilbear’s grandpa uses demonstrations exploring the nature of flight to build up to the story of the Wright Brother’s historic first airplane experience. Grandpa bear captivates audiences with tales of inventions over time from kites and gliders to today’s jet planes. Young Wilbear’s dream comes true when he gets to fly in a real airplane just like his hero Wilbur Wright. The program includes some mythology, history of flight, and a few winged constellations. Join Wilbear on an adventure among the clouds as he learns about and experiences powered flight!

Wilbear’s Adventure was written and produced by Sharon Shanks from the Ward Beecher Planetarium at Youngstown State University in Youngstown, Ohio. She wanted a children’s program to coincide with the Wright Brothers and the 100th anniversary of flight. Her 15 year-old daughter Jessie made the drawings.

The Wonderful Sky
Length: 40 Minutes

WonderfulSkyThe Wonderful Sky is designed as the introductory visit to the Planetarium. We begin by painting the dome with our magic paintbrush and then "go outside" to play games with the sky. After we learn about the Earth’s rotation and learn what causes day and night, then we go for a trip to the country to play games with the night sky. Students learn the names of the moon phases and watch it turn from night to day to night on the moon. A folktale about the phases of the moon concludes our