Williamsville Central School District

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Elementary Curriculum

At the Elementary Level (K - 4), students are engaged in many science activities and inquiry processes to explore the natural world.  Students explore a variety of topics in both the Living Environment and the Physical Setting.  Instruction at this level culminates with the New York State Elementary Level Science Test, which is administered at the end of fourth grade.

Kindergarten Units  Our Sky and the Changing Seasons; Observing Weather; Describing, Comparing, and Contrasting Objects; Living and Nonliving; Plants and Animals and Their Life Cycles; Growing and Staying Healthy; Taking Care of the Earth

First Grade Units  The Sun and Stars; Rocks and Soil; The Properties of Objects; Life Spans and Life Processes; Plant and Animal Behavior and Relationships; Human Decisions Affect the Environment

Second Grade Units  The Moon; Weather; Weathering and Erosion; Matter - Solids, Liquids, and Gases; Energy and Motion; Structure and Function of Plants and Animal Life Cycles

Third Grade Units  Solar System; Soil and Erosion; Objects Have Properties; Energy; Plants - Flowers and Seeds; Animals; Humans and Their Environment

Fourth Grade Units  Organization of Living Things - Plants, Life Cycles, Plant and Animal Interdependence, Inherited Traits; Weather and the Water Cycle; Transfer of Energy - Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical

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