Williamsville Central School District

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Middle School Curriculum

Students at the Intermediate Level (5 - 8), continue to explore a wide range of topics in the Living Environment and the Physical Setting.  Students are engaged more deeply in the content of science and also in the processes of science, as they experience many science inquiries, activities, and labs.   The Middle Level Science culminates with the New York State Intermediate Level Science Test, which is administered at the end of eighth grade.  

Fifth Grade Units  Plants and Animals (Crayfish); Animal Habitats (Mammals and Ecosystems); Plants and Animal Cells; Energy; Electromagnetism; Simple Machines (Newton's Laws of Motion); Human Body Systems

Sixth Grade Units  Change Over Time; Astronomy; Rocks and Minerals; Changing Landforms; Weather; Chemistry; Energy Interactions

Seventh Grade Units  Physical Properties of Matter; Structure of Matter; Chemical Properties of Matter; Cells and Levels of Cellular Organization; Genetics; Comparison of Organisms; Human Body Systems; Forms of Reproduction and Development

Eighth Grade Units  Earth, Sea, and Sky; Newton's Laws of Motion; Astronomy; Energy and Energy Transformations; Flow of Energy in Living Things; Ecology and Environmental Issues; Variation and Evolution

Earth Science, which culminates in taking the Earth Science Regents, is offered in middle school for those students who are accelerated in science.  

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