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WITS Parent Portal


This page serves to guide parents and guardians of students who currently attend Williamsville Central School District, with the registration process to access the WITS (Williamsville Information Tracking System) Parent Portal. The WITS Parent Portal is an online tool that will help parents and guardians monitor their children's progress in school.

Who Has Access?

The WITS Parent Portal is available to the parents and legal guardians of all students enrolled in the Williamsville Central School District.

What is the WITS Parent Portal?

  • The WITS Parent Portal offers secure access for parents and guardians to monitor their student's progress and communicate with their teachers.
  • Progress Reports and Report Cards are available for all grade levels.
  • Parents  can view cumulative grades, assessments and assignment scores.
  • Attendance information is available for all grade levels.
  • Transportation Route Information
  • With the creation of one account, you will access all of your children's information across the school district.
How do I get Started?

Please call the WITS Parent Helpdesk 626-8058 to receive your account activation letter by mail. Your home phone or cell number must be current in our system in order to register, and you must have an e-mail account. If you do not have an e-mail account, you can obtain a free e-mail account through Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo (to name a few), by visiting their websites.

Upon activating your account, you will receive an email providing you with your WITS password. Please view the WITS registration video below, or contact our Helpdesk 626-8058 between the hours of 9am - 3pm Monday - Friday, if you should have any questions.

WITS Parent Portal Tutorial  
Accessing Grades and Progress Reports

Viewing Missing Assignments
Using Google Translate

Register for an Account

Account Already Activated?