Williamsville Central School District

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Lost & Found

Williamsville CSD District Transportation – 716/626-8394

Bus Contractor - Student Transportation of America (STA) – 716/276-9683

Due to the volume of lost and found items at both transportation offices, phone calls to the offices do not result in the office staff searching through the items to find a particular item.  Parents must go to the transportation offices to search through the items to find their own articles.

If you are unsure if your child rides a District or STA bus, please call the District Transportation Office at 626-8394.     

Please Note: There has been a significant increase in the amount of items left on buses.  Due to the amount of items left behind on the buses, the lost and found areas will only hold items for thirty days.

Transportation Office Locations for Lost & Found:

  • Williamsville CSD Transportation Office: 533 Mill Street, Williamsville, NY
  • Student Transportation of America: 850 Aero Drive, Cheektowaga, NY