School Clubs

Co-curricular Clubs  offer fun learning opportunities beyond the school day.  All students at the grade levels eligible for the club bring home an announcement about the club.  Parents should return the information sheet/permission slip for the club that interests your child. The signed sheet should be brought to school before the deadline listed. If the number of interested students exceeds the club's capacity, students are drawn by lottery to participate.  The club advisor will alert you if your child will be able/not be able to participate.

When the club is about to begin, be sure to send a change of dismissal note to your child's homeroom teacher.  For the duration of this club, your child will be kept after school UNLESS you send a note indicating a change.  We assume that once you have signed a permission slip indicating your child will be attending a club (e.g.: every Monday for 6 weeks),  you are aware that we are keeping them after school on those meeting days!