Information for parents of future Dodgers!

Every parent enjoys watching their children walking, talking, T ball, music, gymnastics, early reading skills, social interactions, etc.  This page of our website will grow as the year progresses to provide parents with some information and tools needed to prepare for a successful start in kindergarten.

It is never too early to begin thinking about starting school. Your preparations begin at birth!  The wonderful eye contact, verbal and physical interactions you engage in with your infant are the initial building blocks.  The sharing of a book at bedtime or just recalling a story from memory are also building reading readiness.  Asking your child to follow simple directions independently and eventually doing simple, age appropriate chores build confidence and independence. Counting steps climbed or plates set at the table begin mathematical thinking.

Check this page throughout the year for explicit tips as well as details about upcoming sessions for parents of preschoolers Dodge will be offering.  You are your child’s first teacher and we appreciate all that you do to build background knowledge, social skills and independence in your little one.