Williamsville Central School District

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The Williamsville Central School System is pleased to introduce a new emergency notification system in which parents, faculty, staff, students and community members can sign up to receive emergency notifications via emails and text messages.

When signing up to receive emergency notifications, please select the Williamsville Central School District  and District Planetarium options are auto-checked. Subscribers may uncheck a box if they so choose.  Also, select any individual schools that are of interest to you and you will receive notice of an emergent situation affecting only those particular schools (e.g., a power outage).

Because the district is using a subscriber-based system, users are given the option to unsubscribe whenever a message is sent.  To change your subscription options contact the Communications Office at 716-626-8008.

NOTE: Text messages for emergency notifications are more reliable and immediate than email messaging. Delayed email notices have been a recurring problem. Some email service providers delay delivery or blacklist high volume “robo” emails as spam, including mass notifications originating from a school district. Please be advised that you may not receive an e-mail message in a timely manner.