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Mixed Chorus & Chorale 
Chorale Directors:
Maureen Reilly- Mixed Chorus & Chorale
Ellen Aroune- Women's Chorus & Music Theory
    Chorus is a non-auditioned ensemble which meets daily.  It is designed to encourage all students who have an interest in developing their skills in group singing.   It will help develop the student’s knowledge of chorale literature, music theory concepts, sight singing, and to enrich their love of music.  Repertoire is selected to provide sequential, systematic concepts and performance skills associated with varying musical content and style. Each student who participates in this organization will be eligible for and have the opportunity to audition and perform in festivals sponsored by Erie County Music Educators Association, the New York State School Music Association, and the National Association for Music Education. 
    PREREQUISITE: Open to students in grades 9-12. No audition necessary.

    Chorale is an auditioned mixed ensemble which meets daily and offers students a variety of enriched musical opportunities.  Students will enhance their knowledge of choral literature, music theory concepts, and will achieve a higher degree of perfection in the performance and understanding of the choral repertoire.  Repertoire is selected to provide sequential, systematic concepts and performance skills associated with varying musical content and style.  Each student in this ensemble will have the opportunity to audition for and participate in festivals sponsored by the Erie County Music Educators Association, the New York State School Music Association, and the National Association for Music Education. This includes opportunities for scholarships where applicable. PREREQUISITE:  Audition required.  Ability to read music and perform at an advanced level. Open to students in grades 10-12 who have taken at least one year of HS Chorus.
    The Music Theory course is designed to enhance music skills and basic music fundamentals. The essential aspects of melody, harmony, rhythm, and form are studied. Throughout the course of the year students will study basic notation, scales, key signatures, intervals, triads, cadences, non-chord tones, form, part-writing and analysis of a score. Aural dictation and ear training are also an integral part of the course and will be taught throughout the year. Individual creativity is nurtured through both rhythmic and melodic composition. This course is highly recommended for students in a musical ensemble, and is a prerequisite for AP Music Theory.  PREREQUISITE: Although there is no prerequisite, it is suggested that a student have some musical knowledge and/or participate in an ensemble.

    A second year continuation of the materials and content of the Music Theory course.  An in-depth look at analysis, composition and aural dictation. Students will take the Advanced Placement examination in May. This is a College level course and should be treated as such.  PREREQUISITE:  Due to the higher level expectations of an AP course, it is strongly advised that an 85 average in prior Music classes be achieved as well as written approval of the student’s previous Music teacher.
Band Directors:
Brendan Lanighan & Thomas McCluskey
Orchestra Director:
Anneke Ieda
  • Jazz Ensemble: Jazz Ensemble meets during seventh period on A days.

  • Jazz Improvisation: We are very fortunate to offer our Jazz Improvisation course this year during seventh period on B days. This class gives students an excellent opportunity to develop a strong voice on their instrument and build confidence. Students will study the history of jazz music and its importance to American society. The skills acquired in this class will be showcased in concerts throughout the year as students solo in chamber groups and ensembles.

  • Wind Ensemble: The Williamsville Wind Ensemble has been and continues to be an elite performing group in Western New York. This is an auditioned group of approximately 40 students. 

  • Concert Band: The Williamsville East Concert Band is an incredible environment for student musicians to grow and thrive. Most students have been playing since fourth grade, but with guidance and admirable dedication to their studies, multiple students have returned to music after a time apart. 

  • Jam Club

  • Music Appreciation Society

  • Friday Morning Jazz

  • The Williamsville East Band Department thrives on an open-door policy to create a unique and extremely welcoming community. The “band family” is a source of fun and support to relieve the stresses of more structured classroom settings. The band department is also the proud champion of the 2021-22 Band vs. Orchestra Kickball Game. 

Along with South and North, Williamsville East was fortunate enough to undergo renovations in 2021 to build the ideal learning setting for its musicians. 

Music Boosters

Mr. Brendan Lanighan and Mr. Tom McCluskey lead the Williamsville East Band Department. 

Lanighan McCluskey

Mr. Lanighan is an alum of the Eastman School of Music in Rochester before joining the Glenn Miller Orchestra. In 2020, he earned his master’s degree from Juilliard. He is a talented jazz trombonist, and his students love hearing stories about his gigs from everywhere from Japan to Montreal to Elmwood Avenue. Last but not least, Mr. Lanighan is a proud alum of East itself!

Mr. McCluskey has been integral to the Williamsville Central School District’s music program for over a decade. Mr. McCluskey teaches at both East and Heim Middle. Mr. McCluskey is an accomplished percussionist and member of the WNY-based band Last Conservative since 1996! In addition to all of his musical gifts, Mr. McCluskey has fantastic insight regarding Buffalo sports.