Williamsville Central School District

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The safety of our students and staff is the basis for any decision to close schools due to weather-related conditions. Key factors that are considered include current and projected weather conditions; road conditions; and, at times, temperature and wind chill factors. As you know, sub-zero temps are not uncommon during our long Western New York winters!

The general guideline provided by health officials about when to consider closing schools due to wind chill is a sustained  minus -25 degrees. Driving conditions due to blowing snow and poor visibility, as well as the ability to get buses running on time, must be considered as well.  

The Centers for Disease Control offers a summary of helpful hints on its website: Be Prepared to Stay Safe and Healthy in Winter.  In addition, please take time to read the following tips on how to protect your children from the cold, whether they are waiting for a school bus or playing outside on a sunny, cold winter day.

For school closing information, please click HERE.

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