Health Office

Katherine Dubill, RN
Phone: (716)626-8810  OR  (716) 626-8800  and press 2
Fax: (716) 626-8831

The Williamsville Central School District maintains a health office in each of its schools, staffed with fully qualified, professionally licensed registered nurses. Professional registered nurses are not on duty after school hours but all members of the coaching staff are trained in first aid in accordance with State guidelines. Students remaining for after-school activities such as sports are under the supervision of an adult.

When an emergency arises, either during or after school hours, every effort is made to notify parents or the emergency contacts provided. In extreme emergencies and when parents or their designees are not able to be contacted, the student's health and safety may necessitate transportation by ambulance to a hospital.

The prevalence of chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, obesity, and life-threatening allergies have been steadily rising in our school-age population.  It is important that established protocols be followed including guidance regarding food and food products in your child’s classroom.

Health Office Information

ATTENDANCE NOTES:  Please call the Attendance Office if your child is staying home from school the morning of the absence.  A written note is required within three days upon their return. The note should include the child’s name, grade, teacher, and reason for absence.  If your child is ever hospitalized, a medical clearance note is required upon their return to school.   Attendance Office Phone:  (716) 626-8800, Option #1.          

  The most common venue for children to get head lice is at camps, sleepovers, and sharing hats and coats.  Schools see a peak of cases in the fall and a couple of weeks after a vacation break.  Even if your child’s head is not itchy, it is a good habit to check your child’s head regularly.  Please remind your child not to share hats and coats, and never put their coat in a pile with other people’s coats.  Putting their coat in their backpack or on a coat rack is preferred.  Remember lice do not carry disease, and are more a nuisance than a health threat.

MANDATED PHYSICALS:   Mandated physicals are for grades K, 2 & 4 at the elementary level.  Acceptable dates of the physical are within one year of entry to the mandated grade and continuing on through that grade year.  If your child is in 1st or 3rd grade and getting a physical in the spring or summer, please bring the physical to school, so it can count for the mandated physical.  Most local Pediatricians have a computer generated form, which completes the mandate.  Family Practices generally do not, so please take the District form along with you, as this would be preferred.  A parent health care provider may not sign off on their own child's physical.  

MEDICATIONS:  All medications require a doctor’s and parental permission. The parent must bring the medication to school.  Children are not permitted to carry medication in their backpacks to school.  All over-the-counter medications are included in this policy, including cough drops.  A parent may stop in to give their child medication at any time, but the nurse may not administer medication without the above completed. A parent health care provider may not give an order for their own child's medication in school.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION EXCUSES:  A parent note may excuse a student for up to one calendar week.  If an extension is needed, a note from your health care provider is required.  The school does not accept notes from physical therapists.  A parent who is a health care provider may not give an excuse longer than the one week parent note.  

SURGERY: If your child is having surgery of any kind, the Health Office will need a note from the doctor stating when they are cleared to return to school, and if there are any restrictions in regards to gym participation. If your child needs to use crutches, a wheelchair or any other adaptive equipment, the doctors note must state that this is required for school attendance.  The school does not provide crutches or wheelchairs for daily use of students. Please arrange for this equipment with your health care provider.