School Social Work

Karrie Dominique, School Social Worker

School Social Work Services are available to students and their families in the Williamsville School District. As a School Social Worker in the Williamsville School District, I am excited to meet and work with the children and families at Maple East Elementary. Together we can make a difference!

Consultation and Referral - Parents who have concerns regarding their child's adjustment at home or in school can discuss their concerns confidentially and will be assisted in developing a plan or in locating an appropriate community resource.

Individual Counseling - Counseling services are usually provided on a short-term basis and generally will meet once a week. Referrals can be made by teachers, parents, or the Child Support Team (CST).

Support Groups -Support groups for students are regularly offered.  Children may be referred by parents, teachers, or the Child Support Team. Support groups are developed based on referrals and student needs.

Special Friends Program - Special Friends is a play activity program for children in the first grade who are experiencing mild school adjustment difficulties. Through a screening process which includes teacher, child and parent input, children are selected for this program. Children who participate in the program meet on a weekly basis in a playroom with an adult Special Friend. Specific goals are selected for each child to work on. Through play activities children are helped to feel special in the school setting and given an "extra boost” in making a successful adjustment to 1st grade. This program has proved to be very popular with parents and children in Williamsville and in many school districts throughout the state.

Life Skills Program - ls taught in 3rd grade with follow-up mini-lessons taught in 4th grade.  The Life Skills program is based on what the latest research tells us about the causes of substance abuse. It doesn't focus on just one aspect of the problem of substance abuse. It addresses all of the most important factors leading adolescents to use one or more drugs by teaching a combination of health information, general life skills and how to deal with peer pressure. A total of eight lessons are taught during the child's lunch period. Lunch will be eaten in the class during this time. Each child receives his or her own training book; all lessons require a mini homework assignment which will be collected the following week. This allows for the parents to follow-up with valuable conversation regarding the week's topic.

Apple a Day - Is a literacy based program taught in all Kindergarten classrooms. Most topics address problem solving issues, making and keeping friends, and anti-bullying strategies.  Each child receives his or her own booklet, which is taken home at the end of the six sessions.

If you have any questions, or would like additional information, please call Karrie Dominique at 626-8800.