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Mill Middle School Health and Physical Education

  • Mrs. Bender
  • Mr. Delisanti
  • Mr. Heim
  • Mrs. Nolan
  • Mrs. Rojas
  • PE-Boys: (716) 626-8314
  • PE-Girls: (716) 616-8316

Rules, Procedures and Expectations

Fire Drills-Shelter Plan-Lock Downs

In the event that any of these emergency situations occur in Physical Education class I will communicate specific directions to the class.  Students will be required to be silent with a voice level of zero (“0” on the PBIS scale) and remain quiet for the duration of the emergency. Violators of this simple expectation will be subject to administrative discipline.

General Physical Education Rules

These rules are posted outside both the boys and girls locker rooms and are on the Mill Middle School home page for students to know, review and follow throughout the year.

Rules and Expectations

  1. Always be prepared for any activity every day.
  2. Mill Middle School is not responsible for any items that are lost or stolen.
  3. Make sure you lock all of your personal belongings in your assigned locker.
  4. No sharing of lockers.
  5. When you enter the gym for your physical education class, sit in your attendance order. Do not use any equipment.
  6. Immature/inappropriate behavior in the locker room, gym, pool, hallways, or outside on the fields will not be tolerated.
  7. No fighting.  Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
  8. No gum chewing
  9. Be respectful at all times.
  10. Remove ALL jewelry before entering the gym.
Medical Notes

If your child is injured or ill and will be out of Phys. Ed. for one (1) day a note from parent/guardian turned into the teacher on the day of class is acceptable.

If your child is injured or ill and will be out of Phys. Ed. for two (2) or more days a note from a parent/guardian will need to be given to the nurse and that medical information will be relayed back to the Physical Education teacher via the nurse.
Note: The nurse may require a doctor’s note depending on the medical situation.

If a child is sick or injured and does not have a note for Physical Education on the day of the sickness or injury, the Physical Education teacher will allow them to sit out that class period.  However, an unprepared will be marked on their card and a note from a parent/guardian or doctor can be submitted by 9:00am on the NEXT SCHOOL DAY to the Physical Education teacher and that unprepared will be eliminated and replaced with a medical excuse from class.

Please note that student/athletes that are medical for physical education class are not permitted to participate in after school athletic practices or games.

Preparation for Physical Education

Students are no longer assigned a locker in the Physical Education locker room.  They are required to bring a lock along with their physical education supplies to each class and secure them for the class in any locker they choose.  They are not permitted to keep anything in the locker rooms after class is complete.  A master lock, with their combination written in their agendamate and at home is suggested.  If a student has any valuables or supplies that do not fit in their gym locker they can always request to keep that stuff secured in their teachers office.  It is strongly discouraged to leave anything in the gym locker room unlocked!

  1. Master Lock
  2. Shorts and crew neck tee-shirt (different than clothes worn to school)
  3. Warm weather clothes (sweatshirt, sweat pants, jacket etc.)
  4. Old sneakers or rubber cleats for outdoor grass activities.
  5. Bathing suit, towel, plastic bag
  6. Blankpaper, pen and pencil
  7. Agenda mate
We suggest keeping all items in a separate phys. ed. bag to ensure they are brought to class daily.
Students are encouraged to leave extra shorts, tee shirt and maybe even swim suit in their hall locker  . . . . just in case!

Student/athletes who are unprepared for physical education class that participate on a high school athletic team will have their names emailed to Mr. Calandra.  He will forward that information to the Athletic Director and the student/athlete may be held out of that day’s game or practice.

Grading and Assessments

With the new New York State requirements students will be graded and assessed more frequently in Physical Education.

Student will have a 20 week average and 40 week average on their report cards because Physical Education is a class that meets every other day.

Students will start out the marking period for Physical Education with 100 points in the following areas, and by putting forth their best effort in activities and behavior will have the opportunity to keep these 100 points

  • Effort – always put forth your best effort in any and all activities.
  • Character Education – always make good decisions and demonstrate good character.
  • Preparation – always bring your physical education supplies to class.
  • Fitness Stations – always put forth your best effort.
  • Fitness Homework – always be responsible for completing 3 days of fitness homework per week and remember to have is signed for credit.
  • Skill grade
  • Cognitive grade

Swimming is a required unit here at Mill Middle School that will not start until the weather becomes inclement (approximately November 1st)

A monthly schedule will be posted on WITS and outside the boys and girls locker rooms ensuring students know when their class is scheduled to swim. If a student is medical or unprepared for their swim lesson they are required to stay on the pool deck in a designated safe spot and are responsible for the information presented and expected to be active contributors in class when needed.

Same medical procedures apply for students with medical issues that may prevent them from swimming.

Swim Make-ups
Students are required to make up all missed swims that are the result of short term medical illness, field trips, guidance appointments, music lessons, unprepared or absences. Students will be afforded numerous opportunities to make up those missed swims before the end of the marking period. Failure to make up those missed swims will negatively effect the student's swim grade.

Physical Education Expectations

Appropriate and mature behavior in the hallways, locker room, gym, pool and outside is expected.

Students will be expected to put forth their best effort, always be prepared for any activity, be respectful to the teacher and their peers, be responsible and accountable for their actions, be safe and have fun. Our objective is to teach middle school students an intrinsic value for life time physical fitness through fun physical education activities.

Please help your child by encouraging them to work to the best of their ability, put forth their best effort, be prepared every day, do their fitness homework and be a respectful and responsible physical education student.

Parent Communication

Although I will contact you over the course of the year to celebrate your child's success and learning in class, as well as when they demonstrate excellent character education, I will also contact you if the need arises because your child is struggling with preparation, behavioral expectations or anything that may negatively affect their physical education experience.  Please feel free to contact me as many times as you desire over the course of the year to "check-in" on your child's Physical Education experience.

Intramurals and Extramurals

We have a very extensive intramural program offered for all students at Mill Middle, boys and girls, grades 5-6-7-8, no matter what your skill ability or level of interest. Intramurals is a fun, recreation opportunity for students to use the skills we teach in class in an organized game setting in a competitive environment.

We offer intramurals on a daily basis with a rotation schedule. Schedules will be posted in WITS and on the intramural board as well as the message board in the foyer. We encourage all students to participate, but we expect students to honor their commitment once they sign up for an intramural activity.

Our extramural activities include:

  • District-wide cross country meet in October for all boys and girls in grades 5-8.
  • 7th and 8th grade Boys and Girls Extramural Volleyball in November-December
  • 5th and 6th grade Boys and Girls Extramural Swim team in January-March
  • 5th and 6th grade Boys and Girls Extramural Track team in June

Modified Sports Programs

Modified sports are considered a “South High School” team. Most of our modified teams consist of 7th and 8th graders. Modified programs prepare our student athletes to be able to compete at the JV and Varsity high school level. Teams are selected after a try-out is held. Practices are generally Monday through Friday after school. Paperwork must be obtained from the main office. All paper work must be completed and handed in by the required dates. It’s your child’s responsibility to have things in on time, please help us in teaching them this important life skill.If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call Adam Erickson 626-8219.
Participation and preparation for daily physical education class is required to participate in modified sports.


If you would like to participate on a South High School athletic team at the Modified, JV or Varsity level see Miss Bender immediately for the proper paperwork.


(deadline:end of school year)

  • VarsityGolf
  • Varsity,JV, Modified Field Hockey
  • Varsity,JV, Modified Soccer
  • Varsity,JV, Modified Football
  • Varsity,Swimming (girls)
  • Varsity,JV Volleyball
  • VarsityCross Country
  • VarsityTennis (girls)
  • VarsityGymnastics


(deadline:October 15th)

  • Varsity,JV, Modified Basketball
  • VarsityIndoor Track
  • Varsity,Swimming (boys)
  • Varsity,JV, Modified Wrestling
  • ModifiedSwimming (boys&girls)
  • VarsityBowling


(deadline:February 15th)

  • Varsity,JV, Modified Baseball
  • Varsity,JV, Modified Softball
  • Varsity,JV, Modified Lacrosse
  • Varsity,JV Track&Field
  • VarsityTennis (boys)