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Dr. McKenna honored with NYS Legislative Proclamation

On Tuesday, New York State Senator Edward A. Rath III honored Dr. John McKenna with a Legislative Proclamation for his incredible work and service as Acting Superintendent of Schools during the COVID-19 pandemic.

McKenna, who was appointed as Acting Superintendent of the Williamsville Central School District in September, successfully led the re-opening of schools during the 2020-2021 academic year.

“It’s my honor as a State Senator representing the 61st District as well as the Williamsville Central School District, and by the way my hometown school district , to present this to you,” said Rath.

"I am humbled by this and I can say it's all about team," Dr. McKenna said.  "And, when you work with the team that we have, that's what this is. This is for everybody who worked together and it was all of us that made this happen.  You are an amazing, fantastic team of people and it was my honor and privilege to work with you this year."

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