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Terry Wolfisch Cole (Williamsville East Class of '82) to Appear on Jeopardy! on Thursday

Ahead of her appearance on Jeopardy! on Thursday, January 6th, the Williamsville Central School District did a quick Q&A with Terry Wolfisch Cole, who graduated from Williamsville East in 1982!

What schools did you attend: I attended Maple West, Heim Middle, and Williamsville East.

Who was your favorite teacher: My two favorite teachers were my two hardest teachers, my fifth grade teacher Mrs. Ostrander and my middle school math teacher, Mr. Reist.  An amazing thing about Mrs. Ostrander is that I was home visiting maybe 25 years later and I was standing in TOPS and this woman walked up to me and said, “Terry Wolfisch!” I didn’t know who she was and she said, “It’s me, Mrs. Ostrander.” She remembered me after 25 years.

What was your favorite subject: My favorite subject was anything that had to do with English, or history – really anything in the humanities.  I like to read and still do.

What is your favorite book? The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Michael Chabon

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Who influenced you the most: During my time in WCSD, the person who had the greatest influence on my love of learning was my father.  My dad was usually at work when we got home, but we knew that within five minutes of walking in the house, the phone would ring, and my father would ask three questions. First, “What came in the mail today?” Second, “How did you do on any tests or assignments that were returned?” The last was always “What do you have for homework?”

How did Williamsville prepare you for the future? Going to school in Williamsville prepared me for the future by teaching me to value family, community, and education. I have carried those values throughout my adulthood.

What is your favorite quote?  It’s three words from the late, great musician Warren Zevon: “Enjoy every sandwich,” which is another way of saying live each day to the fullest and reach for your dreams.

Good luck on Jeopardy!, Terry!

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