Williamsville Central School District

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Miller joins NYS Master Teacher Program, O'Malley earns Emeritus status

Heim Middle School’s Chuck Miller has joined an exceptional group of educations as a new member of the New York State Master Teacher Program (NYSMTP) in the Western Region.

Each year, individuals who teach science, technology, computer science, robotics, coding, engineering, math, and integrated STEM courses across grades K-12 including Advanced Placement, Honors, and Regents levels, are selected to participate in the program over a four-year period.

“Opening my mind to new approaches and strategies coupled with content understanding fosters growth as a STEM teacher,” said Miller, who has been teaching for more than 30 years.  “The knowledge acquired from the NYSMTP promotes the development of my students as critical thinkers and problem solvers.  The program encourages adjustment, innovation and continued learning which is a priority as change is the foundation of education.”

Casey Middle School mathematics specialist Harry O’Malley, who joined the NYSMTP in 2018, earned Emeritus status in January of this year.

“The most valuable part of being in the New York State Master Teacher Program is the camaraderie developed between the members,” O’Malley said.  “For four years and counting I’ve been able to work closely with scores of creative math, science, and technology teachers from districts all over Western New York and develop lasting friendships with so many of them.”

Since 2013, the District has had 11 teachers in the NYSMTP.  Across the state, more than 1,400 teachers have been involved with the program.

Chuck Miller, Heim Middle School, 2022
Donna Callaghan, Forest Elementary School, 2019
Ronald Perry, Heim Elementary School, 2019
Michael Dunlap, Williamsville North High School, 2019
Harry O’Malley, Casey Middle School, Emeritus – 2022
Erica Rows, Mill Middle School, Emeritus – 2021
Andrew Harrison, Williamsville East High School, Emeritus – 2019
Jason Farrell, Williamsville South High School, Emeritus – 2019
Jeffrey Yap, Williamsville South High School, Emeritus – 2019
Michael Belling, Williamsville East High School, Emeritus – 2017
Elisabeth Spada, Williamsville East High School, Emeritus