Williamsville Central School District

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Letter Regarding High School Grading

March 30, 2020

Dear Williamsville Families,

We continue to think about students and their families during this time. Given the unprecedented circumstances we are facing, interim guidance is being provided on student grading for the high schools for the 3rd and 4th marking periods. We will continue to monitor any state or federal guidance in this area, and these guidelines are subject to change in these uncertain times. To acknowledge and evaluate the work completed by students, and to be able to reflect grades on student transcripts, this guidance was developed jointly with the district and will apply to all three high schools.

For the 3rd quarter the following will apply:

  • The third marking period will close with class work completed through March 13, 2020. No assignments given during the school closure period will be included in the 3rd marking period grades.
  • All assignments that a teacher expects to use as a grade for the 3rd marking period must be entered into WITS and visible to students and parents by the end of the day on Monday, March 30th. If students have assignments that were not completed prior to March 13, 2020, students will be given until April 9, 2020 to submit the missing work for full credit.
  • Teachers will contact students with missing assignments and inform them of the missing assignments. Teachers will communicate how students can make up the assignment or submit it prior to April 9, 2020. We anticipate publishing 3rd Quarter Report Cards after April 20th.
  • If the assignment is something that cannot be made up during the school closure time (i.e secure test, quiz, materials unavailable, etc.), teachers will exempt the student from the assignment.

4th Marking Period Guidelines

  • The 4th marking period will begin with any assignments given after the school closure started, beginning on March 16, 2020. All classes will have grades entered for the 4th marking period.
  • At this time, our plan is for students whose average is below 65% at the end of the 4th marking period to be given a *65% as their final grade for the 4th marking period. In the event that school resumes prior to the end of the year, the decision to provide a *65% will be re-evaluated.
  • If school resumes prior to the end of the year, students with missing assignments during the 4th quarter will be allowed to make them up for full credit prior to the close of the quarter.

Thank you for your continued partnership. Please contact your principal if you have any questions. Sincerely,

Marie Balen,
Assistant Superintendent for Instruction

Keith Boardman
Principal, South High School                                    

Brian Swatland
Principal, East HighSchool                     

Andre Thomas
Principal, North High School