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Middle School: Transition Plan for Students and Parents

Dear Middle School Students and Families:


As a follow up to the presentation and press conference this evening, our goal is to engage all middle school students in high quality instruction. Williamsville will transition to a 100% remote/virtual instructional model effective Tuesday, September 15, 2020.  Please read on for details and information regarding how we will transition all students to the remote model for Tuesday.


Student Schedules:

  • At 9:00 p.m. on September 10th, schedules for students who previously selected the remote option will become visible to students and parents in WITS.
  • Students who are currently in the hybrid model will keep the schedule they have been following, and will begin following this schedule virtually on Tuesday.  Hybrid students will still report to school for their scheduled attendance days on Friday, 9/11(Cohorts B and C), and Monday, 9/14 (Cohorts A and C ). 
  • Students in Cohort D will continue attending school in-person five days a week.
  • As of Tuesday, September 15th, students in Cohorts A, B, and C, and remote students, will attend classes virtually five days a week.


Ensuring that Students are Linked to their Teachers:

  • Students who have been hybrid learners will continue to stay connected with teachers through their landing pages and through the Google classrooms they have already joined.  Teachers will review this with hybrid learners while they are in attendance on Friday and Monday.


  • Students who previously selected the remote option will be able to see their schedules, identify their teachers on the landing page, and will be added to their teachers’ Google classrooms.  Students will need to go to www.classroom.google.com and click the blue “Join” button for all of their teachers.  Students will be able to join their homerooms and classes beginning at 12:00 PM on Monday, September 14th.  If students or parents are having difficulty with this process, they can call the District Help Desk at 626-8058.


  • Once students have joined Google classrooms, communication will be streamlined and flow primarily through the landing page and individual Google classrooms.  All information for live instruction (including links to virtual meetings) will be posted in Google classrooms.




Materials Distribution:

  • Teachers will work to provide our current hybrid learners with necessary materials, (textbooks, calculators, etc.) on their remaining in-school attendance days.
  • We will arrange dates and times for remote students to pick-up any of these same materials and will communicate these dates and times as soon as possible.
  • If you are in need of a Chromebook, please contact your school’s Computer Support Technician.  Contact information is available in the Middle School - Frequently Asked Questions document.


Keeping Students Connected and Building Community

  • Daily homeroom periods will allow students to interact with one another, as teachers focus on establishing relationships, building community, and promoting Social-Emotional competencies.  Homeroom teachers will remain connected to students throughout the school year.


The Daily Schedule for Virtual Learning:

  • Students schedules will look similar to the schedules they would follow were they physically in school.  The school day on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays will run from 8:45 to 3:35 with a homeroom period.  On Wednesdays, students will follow an abbreviated schedule, 11:00-3:45, with a homeroom period.  This will allow us to provide continuing professional development to teachers on Wednesdays.  See below for each mod schedule:




*Please note that teachers will provide time at the end of each class for individual check-ins, screen breaks, and virtual passing time between classes.  If a student has lunch, a study hall, or clinic listed on his or her schedule, this will also provide a scheduled break for him or her. 

We thank you for your continued support and appreciate your patience as we navigate this change.  If you have additional questions, please view the Middle School - Frequently Asked Questions document, linked HERE.  If you have additional questions beyond those discussed in the FAQ, please contact your building principal.