Williamsville Central School District

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10-23-20 NYS Travel Advisory Update to Families

October 23, 2020

Dear Williamsville Central School District Families and Staff,

The District has received inquiries from families and staff regarding possible travel to Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Connecticut and implications for quarantine upon return to New York State.  As a result of these inquiries, the Williamsville Central School District has consulted with the Erie County Department of Health (ECDOH) regarding their implementation of the New York State travel restrictions and their guidance to the District when responding to such inquiries.

Currently 40 states and one territory are listed as restricted on the New York State COVID-19 Travel Advisory.  While Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Connecticut are not listed on the advisory website, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced 43 states, including PA, NJ, and CT, meet the COVID-19 metrics for daily infection rate and stressed, “to the extent travel between the states is not essential, it should be avoided."  Please note, the New York State COVID-19 Travel Advisory requires individuals who have traveled to New York, from these 43 states and one territory identified with significant community spread, to quarantine for 14 days.

The NYS Travel Advisory page further states, “The requirements of the travel advisory (to quarantine for 14 days) do not apply to any individual passing through designated states for a limited duration (i.e., less than 24 hours) through the course of travel.”  However, please understand after clarification from ECDOH, this 24-hour or less exception does not apply if you are staying in the State and/or engaging in activities, such as sports or recreational activities, and will result in a 14-day quarantine upon return to New York State.

It is critical that families complete the District’s Daily COVID-19 Health Screening Questionnaire accurately as we work to maintain an educational environment that is as healthy and safe as possible.  If you travel to any of the states or territories listed on the COVID-19 Restricted Travel List, or to Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or Connecticut, you need to select “YES” when answering, “Have you traveled internationally, or to a state with widespread community transmission of COVID-19 per the New York State Travel Advisory in the past 14 days?”

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Dr. John McKenna
Acting Superintendent of Schools