Williamsville Central School District

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03-12-21 Proactive Planning Update to Families

March 12, 2021

Dear Williamsville Central School District Families,

As the District continues to be proactive and plan for any potential changes in school guidance that would allow for increased capacity in our schools for in-person instruction, I wanted to update you with some of the logistical, health and safety topics that continue to be discussed in planning meetings. Our elementary, middle, and high school committees continue to meet.  Here is a summary of some of the areas schools are making preparations for:

  • In-School Facilities
    • Continuing to move desks and tables out of storage to allow for quick transition for increased capacity
  • Transportation Logistics
    • Bus and driver shortage without bus capacity changes
    • Arrival and dismissal
      • Increased number of parent drop-off/pick-up
      • Increased number of bus drop-off/pick-up due to bus and driver shortages
      • Increase number of walker drop-off/pick-up
        • Staggering drop-off/pick-up to prevent traffic from backing up onto local streets/roads
  • Health and Safety Logistics
    • With increased capacity, buildings would need more time to allow for proper health/temperature screenings for students as they enter the building
  • Meal Logistics
    • With increased capacity, child nutrition may need to stagger meals throughout the day
    • Will students be able to face each other during meals or will they have to face one direction?
      • If students have to face in one direction, buildings need to identify other large spaces in schools to allow for meals with increased capacity
  • Hallways
    • Ensuring students have adequate time to move fluidly throughout the building during passing periods to continue to promote a healthy and safe environment
  • Physical Education, Music, and Curriculum Extension
    • Alternatives if social distancing guidelines do not change for these activities

In the event there is an update to school guidance announced by the New York State Department of Health or New York State Education Department, the District is proactively planning and preparing to implement changes as quickly as possible. 

These are challenging times but we have overcome so many obstacles with our hard work, determination, teamwork, and resiliency.  I am confident in a bright future for our District.

If you have any questions, please contact your building principal.


Dr. John E. McKenna
Acting Superintendent of Schools