Williamsville Central School District

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Shared Decision Making

District Shared Decision Making Team

Mission Statement

The District Shared Decision Making Team of the Williamsville School District represents stakeholders of the community. Governed by consensus, we lead, support and facilitate Building Shared Decision Making Teams.


Shared Decision Making in the Williamsville School District resides in a representative group of stakeholders who agree to convene and abide by a specific set of principles and practices in order to plan, problem solve and set direction. A total of thirteen building and one district Shared Decision Making Teams are currently in place.

Purpose and Responsibilities

The district team has responsibility for coordinating, facilitating, and supporting shared decision making. In order to accomplish this purpose the district team will:

  1. Lead and revise the Plan for Participation consistent with the Williamsville Central School District's Strategic Plan.
  2. Facilitate an ongoing network of communication among the district team, building teams, training cadre and stakeholder groups.
  3. Facilitate technical assistance and guidance to building teams regarding functioning via the training cadre.
  4. Review Building School Improvement Plan consistent with the Plan for Participation, including Building Team submissions of Procedural Guidelines and School Improvement Plans.
  5. Model high performance and assess on an ongoing basis the functioning of the district team and the building teams.
  6. Continually promote awareness, interest and support for shared decision making.
District Team Operational Principles

  •     Be respectful of and sensitive to the needs and perspectives of others on the team.
  •     Strive to communicate effectively with our stakeholders and with building teams.
  •     Be timely in making and implementing decisions.
  •     Respect the confidentiality of group discussions.
  •     Subject our decisions to thoughtful, critical analysis.
  •     Come to meetings prepared and willing to contribute.
  •     Work collaboratively and search beyond current or perceived boundaries and limitations.
  •     Appreciate and welcome humor in our personal and team interactions.
Focus of Building Shared Decision Making

To prepare, lead, and manage a data-driven plan that supports student achievement and character development.

Williamsville Central School District Team Training/Development Cadre

Training Cadre members are available to support the Shared Decision Making Teams in the Williamsville District and have the responsibility of:

  1. Training all new team members
  2. Assisting in the development of Procedural Guidelines and Long Range Plans for SDM teams

Training Cadre

Suggested Implementation Timeline

April 1

Begin recruiting process for new members

June 1

Team self-assessment
New Team members selected

 Mid July

Data available from district, dependent on time of testing

Late August

New members trained

Early September

Teams begin work


Data analysis by building groups


Building Teams develop School Improvement Plans 
and adjust according to data

November 15

Building Teams submit School Improvement Plan
Begin implementation of School Improvement Plan

Early January

District Team reports to Board of Education
Plan for Participation Changes Presented