Williamsville Central School District

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APPR Disclosure Statement

Pursuant to Education Law §3012-d with regard to the Annual Professional  Performance Review (APPR), parents and legal guardians may request the final  quality rating for each teacher and the principal of the school building in  which their child is assigned for the current school year. The District,  in accordance with education law (§3012-d), has developed procedures and processes to guide  the release of this confidential information. Additionally, the District also  must provide parents and legal guardians with an explanation of the final  quality rating, with an opportunity to understand such rating in the context of  teacher evaluation and student performance.  To inquire about the District  protocol for parents and legal guardians to obtain APPR information, please  contact the office of the Assistant Superintendent for Instruction at (716)  626-8030.

Click here for WCSD Approved APPR Plan