Williamsville Central School District

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WCSD Street Directory

This street directory is designed to help residents determine schools of attendance based upon their residential home address.  To find the schools your child[ren] should attend, simply enter a house number and the street name and click on “show” to display the elementary, middle and high schools assigned to that address. Please pay close attention to the specific directions listed below.

The WCSD has made substantial efforts to ensure the accuracy of the information, however, families are encouraged to contact the Office of Student Services at (716) 626-8007 if they have any questions about school assignments.  Please note the following:

  • School assignments for newly constructed homes (those built within the last 12 months) and those under construction are to be verified by contacting the Department of Student Services.  The Williamsville Central School District is not responsible for decisions regarding home ownership made on the basis of this information. 
  • The Board of Education retains the right to reassign schools of attendance as required.  Please contact (716) 626-8007 if information for your specific residence is not available or if you should desire additional information.
  • Streets with a prefix of North, South, East and West should be entered as follows: North = N     
    South = S     East = E      West = W (do not use periods).  For example:  North Forest should be entered as "N Forest"
  • There are also several streets located within the Williamsville Central School District boundaries that do not have a suffix assigned to them.  Specifically, there are addresses that are not identified as being a "road," "street," "avenue," "parkway," etc.  Should this be the case for your home address, simply select the "N/A" option in the pull down menu.
  • To facilitate accuracy, we also recommend that you refrain from using the autofill feature of your home browser and type the full street name into the fields provided.