Williamsville Central School District

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HS Summer School Courses

Class times will be available at registration.
Note: The Summer School schedule of classes is subject to change according to enrollment, staffing or budgetary considerations.

MATH                                                     TYPE    CREDIT  TIME
New Course Offerings
 Algebra 1 R  New  1 (2 periods)  7:30am
 Geometry R
*This course is for students who completed Algebra 1, wanting to accelerate
 New                             1 (2 periods)                    7:30am                    
 Geometry R Conversion
*This course is for students who have taken Geometry non-Regents, credit would convert to Geometry Regents
 New   1 (1 period)  7:30am  
 Algebra 2 R
*This course is for students coming out of Geometry R wanting to accelerate to Algebra II R
 New       1 (2 periods)         7:30am  
 Algebra 2 R Conversion
*This course is for students who have taken Algebra II Trig non-Regents; credit would convert to Algebra II Regents
 New  1 (1 period)  7:30am
 Pre-Calculus  New  1 (2 periods)  7:30am

Review Course Offerings

 Fundamentals of Algebra - District Exam                      Review      1 (1 period)  11:16am
 Algebra 1 R  Review  1 (1 period)  7:30am
 Geometry R   Review       1 (1 period)  9:23am
 Geometry  (Non-Regents)  Review  1 (1 period)  11:16am
 Algebra 2 R  Review  1 (1 period)  7:30am
 Algebra 2 (Non-Regents)  Review  1 (1 period)  11:16am

 ENGLISH                   TYPE  CREDIT   TIME
New Course Offerings
 English 11 Regents                                                                                                New                   1 (2 periods)      9:23am       
 English 12 Regents  New   1 (2 periods)    9:23am 

Review Course

 English 9 Regents                                                                       Review       1 (1 period)  11:16am
 English 10 Regents   Review   1 (1 period)   7:30am 
 English 11 Regents  Review   1 (1 period)   9:23am 
 English 12 Regents   Review   1 (1 period)   7:30am 

 SCIENCE                        TYPE  CREDIT  TIME
New Course Offerings
 Living Environment R                                                              New            1 (2 periods)  9:23am
 Chemistry R  New  1 (2 periods)  9:23am
 Physics R  New  1 (2 periods)  9:23am
 Environmental Science R  New  1 (2 periods)  7:30am
All new science courses (except Environmental Science) include a lecture period at 9:23am AND a lab section at either 7:30am or 11:11am

Review Courses
 Living Environment R                                                                    Review       1 (1 period)      7:30am
 Physical Settings/Earth Science R  Review   1 (1 period)   11:16am 
 Environmental Science R   Review   1 (1 period)   7:30am
 Chemistry R   Review   1 (1 period)   9:23am 

New Course Offerings
 Global Studies II Regents                                                                   New            1 (2 periods)  7:30am
 US History & Government Regents   New   1 (2 periods)   7:30am 
 Economics   New   1/2 (1 period)   11:16am
 Participation in Government   New   1/2 (1 period)   9:23am 

Review Courses
 Global Studies I Regents                                                                    Review      1 (1 period)        9:23am
 Global Studies II Regents   Review   1 (1 period)   9:23am 
 US History & Government Regents   Review   1 (1 period)   11:16am

 PHYSICAL EDUCATION         TYPE            CREDIT      TIME      
Review Courses
 Physical Education                                                                                    New            1/2 (1 period)  11:16am
 Health 9/10  New   1/2 (1 period)   7:30am 
 Health 11/12   New   1/2 (1 period)   9:23am